What is VOCA Camp?


Victory Over Child Abuse (VOCA) Camp is a project of The Healing Circle, Inc.   The first camps, created over 25 years ago, were developed from a request from children in a counseling group.  They wanted a camp just for them; a place where their ‘secret’ of sexual abuse did not define them.  They wanted to just be able to be safe and be children.

Adults listened to that request and created safety and fun in the form of annual camps.  Each year 80-100 volunteers gather to create two camps; a camp for boys and one for girls.

VOCA Camps are a magical haven for children.  Like traditional summer camp, VOCA Camp provides the same opportunities for fun; fishing, swimming, arts and crafts, campfires, and songs.  At VOCA Camp however, there is always an element of healing included in all activities. The songs are of empowerment, the campfires are times of talking, and the art is about the process of creating.

VOCA camp is also unique in that each child is given their own “Buddie”. During camp they are able to create a trusting relationship with this safe adult. They work together in cabin groups to create a safe family atmosphere, and join together every day with the rest of the camp for activities such as morning circle and meal times; giving the children a sense of a safe community.

In safe communities, healing is possible!