Mt. Adams love
Mt. Adams, up close

On the trail, as in life, everyone hikes their own hike. This phrase is a common refrain in the hiking community that I have come to embrace.

Amy, crossing Cispus River!

As Amy and I have trekked north on the Pacific Crest Trail over the past couple weeks we have found what works best for us is not necessarily what works for other hikers we’ve met; and recognizing that gives us freedom and allows us to extend the same without judgment action ac.

We’ve reached White Pass, that’s 148 miles from Cascade Locks; where I started hiking on July 5th. Amy and I have taken a “zero” day to rest, clean, and resupply for the next section up to Snoqualmie Pass; 98 miles. Zoe, the dog, will be taking this next section off.

Both Amy and I have family obligations in August, so we have decided we will trek as far as we can until our time is up this summer best home cleaning in anchorage ak. Even if we don’t make it to Canada, we’ve made sure we hike our own hike, the best that we can!

Any way you choose to hike, this trail has many opportunities to breathe in views to remember for a lifetime!

Crossing the Packwood Glacier on Knife’s Edge.
Night sky over Cispus Pass


HYOH patch made for this hike! Thank you Char!!

Happy Trails!