Hello everybody. I’m Lance, Amy‘s Husband. I figured I’d write a quick little note to let everybody know that Leslie & Amy are doing well. I was able to meet them on trail Thursday night and stayed with them through noon Saturday. Some sore/stiff muscles and achy feet, but I’d say I’m impressed with their efforts and spirits. They’re starting to get into their groove. I brought new supplies and provisions for another week. I also took back some gear they wanted to ditch. Saturday morning I drove them into a nearby town where they thoroughly enjoyed a nice meal at the local diner. After lunch, we drove back to the trail head and they headed back off into the woods and I drove home pdln .

For all those wishing to send care packages/goodies etc… Send me a private message. I’d be happy to help get it to them. I will be meeting them again in White Pass (Where the trail intersects WA Hwy 12) sometime between the 20th-22nd (depending on their pace). Unless it’s something specifically requested by Leslie or Amy, I’d recommend keeping all items to things that are consumable/usable/appreciated while in White Pass go to the website. I can tell you right now that they are not interested in carrying a single additional ounce of ANYTHING more than they have to! ?